Sweet Home by Tillie Cole


5 beautiful stars!

This book…

It actually took me a whole day to write a review – and I don’t even have the words! – and that never happens! Ever. So you can guess how much it affected me.

Before I forget, here is the playlist and while I rarely listen to an author’s playlist, I loved this!

I’ll start by saying that it was far from perfect and yes there were parts that would have made me roll my eyes but that did not happen. Not even once! Not even one freaking time. Even when there was an over the top cute quote or something too swoony. Never. Ever.

I applaud the author for that!

Cause usually with a romance book like this one I would at least roll my eyes a few time and give it 3 stars, maybe.

But with this book… I just did not expect it to be like that!

Needless to say, I loved every freaking word.

To say that it was captivating and made me cry like a freaking baby would be an understatement.

The story begins with Molly, being told that her father is dead and she is left alone with her grandma.

Molly is English and her middle name is Juliet and her last name is Shakespeare. No. That did not make me roll my eyes. At all. Though I would have probably if it was another book and not this one.

Again, kudos to the author for such an amazing writing! I mean, amazing!

She moves to Alabama and meets Romeo Prince. No. That did not make me roll my eyes.


Molly Juliet Shakespeare and Romeo Prince.


I can write their names all freaking day!

Rome, as he likes to be called, is far from being a proper Romeo and he does have quiet an awful upbringing and parents straight out of a nightmare.

I could write a freaking essay for this book but the point is that there are a few spoilers I would have to reveal and I won’t do that.

But I will say that even though there is a lot of drama and so, so, so many tears, nothing is over the top as it would have been had this story been told differently or if the setting wasn’t so freaking right.

It is a modern-day Romeo and Juliet story, so you know what to expect – drama and romance wise – more or less.

I am a person that sticks to little details and normally the little details that weren’t quite right, were totally overlooked and barely there because the story sucks you in in a way that makes you live every single moment and cry every single tear they cry.

It will stay with me for a while that is for sure and as soon as I’m ready I will re-read it.





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