Don’t Make Me Beautiful by Elle Casey


4 amazing stars!

This is my second Elle Casey book and let me tell you, I kind of love her!

Even though this book was hard – for me – to finish or get into it, because it really took me days to get into the story and that says a lot in my book, I actually felt as if I was connected to it because of it.

Like a lot of abuse books, I had the urge to finish it just so Nicole could get out of her prison and be free but then again, it was hard being inside her head.

That’s where the good writing comes along.

Being able to make the reader feel connected to the character and feel the story from the very start.

Apart from the amazing cover, this story appears to be dark and a little gritty but it is not, not as much as I thought it would be.

Nicole is a monster, not on the inside but on the outside. She is a victim of domestic violence and the beatings have turned her once beautiful face into something straight out a horror movie – at least with the descriptions, I can’t even image a human face being that unrecognizable.

What really made me fall for this story is not her though, as weird as that sounds.

It was Brian.

When he entered the story the first thing that popped into my mind was, at last, a hero with a kid that is not a douche bag from the start!

Yes, a main character with a kid that is actually very realistic and touching.

Their worlds collide when Brian finds her and rescues her and the rest I could say are history because even though they matter, they don’t. Not really. Cause nowadays no one would act the way he did if they ever found a woman so brutally beaten up.

He made her feel comfortable with her own skin and made her open up and he looked past the scars.

A beautiful story about how beautiful a person can be even when one is not any more.

Truly amazing!





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