Consumed by Skyla Madi


4 hot stars!

Like most sports romance books, this one had a few characteristics that are quiet similar to other books – like the slutty best friend and the mother that doesn’t approve of the boyfriend – but it also had some very good parts that made it shine from the rest of the pile.

Seth, as womanizing as he can get, is dropping girls left and right but for once that doesn’t come to bite him in the ass.

Thankfully he is clear enough not to have any more drama in the future from broken heartened girls that go all psycho on the one steady girlfriend and try to kill her. Nope. Not here.

Plus point.

Olivia, is an ordinary girl – unfortunately the same characteristics that apply to most book girlfriends apply to her too. Like the fact that she tolerates her cheating boyfriend, who doesn’t seem to have the ability to make her come OR has gotten any good at it for the past six years, yet she stays with him.



The main reason why I still kept reading it is mostly because I’m a sucker for MMA fighters. There. I said it. I’m a sucker for MMA fighter and I’m willing to overlook a few things.

Apart from the douche bag boyfriend – not major drama from him but still enough to make his a douche – the story is pretty good and this is maybe the only MMA story that the fighter was almost disqualified which is a plus since that almost never happens.





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