Unattainable by Madeline Sheehan


3 stars!


It’s not that I didn’t like it…

No, really.

Just that… I don’t know, maybe it wasn’t what I had in mind.

I pictured Tegen as a strong willed girl that hated the club and wasn’t afraid to speak up.

But, the Tegen that I read was basically a broken hearted girl that had meaningless sex with pretty much everyone just because she could and when the time came she screwed Cage too, again because why not, even though she knew he was a prick and an asshole that wouldn’t treat her any differently.

After screwing him multiple times, she would get mad and scream bloody murder and act like a lunatic only to jump back into his bed and than start screaming again.

And repeat.

And repeat.


So, basically, I wanted to slap her and scream in her face, see how she likes it.

Now about Cage…

He was the reason that I kept reading!

When it comes to bad ass bikers, Madeline Sheehan can freaking write and Cage, he was freaking hot and basically Cage. From all the times he was mentioned in the previous books, this is how I thought he would be.

Under his father’s huge shadow, struggling to break free. Now, he wasn’t acting like a lunatic, screaming and being a totally different person.

Overall, it was not what I had hoped for but still good enough, I just hope that the next two will be better.





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