Tatiana and Alexander by Paullina Simons


6 magnificent stars! 

This series…


I mean… What was that? It felt like an out of body experience! Even though halfway in the book we only have Tatiana & Alexander’s flashbacks to – barely – sustain us and keep us from pulling our hair out from the agony, this book is freaking epic!

A love story without there actually having the main characters together until the very last pages.

My review for the last book did not include the amazing writing – because let’s face it, after having read THAT who has the time to comment on the writing? I had to pick up the pieces of my heart, people! – but now, that I’m relieved and I can finally breathe without feeling like I want to curl up in a fatal position and cry myself to sleep, or coma, I can say a few things about the author.

Well… she ruined me!

Utterly ruined me.

Her writing? Epic.

Her ability to bring the story and the characters to life? Out of this freaking world.

Her ability to reach into your chest and twist your heart and pull it out only to stomp on it and crush it into tiny tiny pieces? Yeah…

I have read a lot of book, but this one, this will forever be etched in my memory.

tatiana & alexander

Now, about the story, epic pretty much sums it up, but to be more specific, it surprised me how could a book – a love story – hold me so much when the main characters are not even in the same country!

I thought that it would get boring at some point, that I would miss their connection but no, on the contrary, I felt like they were still connected even though years went by and they had their own struggles and their own nightmares to face.

We got a detailed story on Alexander and his family, what he had to go through before he was introduced in the story, and we got Pasha back just briefly!

So many details were covered and so much heartache to go through but at last, they found each other!

tatiana and alexander





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