Ruin by Rachel Van Dyken


5 magnificent stars!

Although I am making a new shelf for this book. All the stars in the sky! That’s how many stars this book needs!

Wes & Kiersten.

Kiersten & Wes.

Kiersten is trying to break out of her shell and go out in the real world trying to overcome her fears and her traumatic past. What she doesn’t expect to find is Wes.

Wes is her new RA and determined to help her with the healing process and living life to the fullest by doing what you fear the most.

His secret? He’s dying. Like, really dying, counting down the days dying. And that is not a spoiler since it is a giveaway from the start.

When Wes makes a small list of goals for Kiersten on her first day, she gets inspired and makes another one, filled with things she wants to do but is afraid of.

1. Kiss a hot guy.
2. Go skinny dipping.
3. Finish one fruity drink with the little umbrella.
4. Read Pride and Prejudice all the way through.
5. Learn how to swim.
6. Make two real friends.
7. Get off my antidepressants.
8. Go bungee jumping.
9. Eat cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving and try to eat a beet.
10. Fall in love.
11. Get heart broken.
12. Fall in love anyway.

Having Thanksgiving as a make or break date, they start dating and crossing things off the list in the process. One by one, they face their fears and get a little bit ruined at the same time.

“You rescued me and I found my ruin.” I bit down on my lip. “I’m ruined for you — and I won’t ever be the same. It’s the greatest gift anyone’s ever given me.” He wiped away my tears.


“Yeah, a ruin, because in helping me knock down all those demons, you built me back up again. And for that, I’ll never be able to repay you.”

I can’t even begin to express my love for this book and not just the story and the characters and the meaning behind it but the writing itself as well. It was fresh and while I cried my eyes out if filled me with so much love and so much gratitude. A story with depth and at the same time a light touch to it. It gave me food for thought and it felt me with a sweet sweet aftertaste despite the bitter moments of the book.





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