Axel by Harper Sloan


3 freaking-hot stars!

This book has some serious raving reviews and I was a little hesitant to start it because of the heartache that I would face.

And then I read it.

Apart from the need of a good edit, a very good edit, it was a good read.

Don’t get me wrong, Izzy’s story is pretty heartbreaking but the plot would have been a lot better without it.

I will not comment on the whole abuse thing because who am I to say anything, but again, it would have worked better with just a bad marriage or a jealous husband. The first half of the book was way too thick and it gave away the impression that the whole book will deal with that. The healing process and how she is getting back the control she had lost. But no. With a huge time jump the author decided not to show that.

The thing is though that the readers – at least I was – are getting prepared and are already affected from that. So when she time jump, she basically left the readers on the very edge and then placed them on a happy place. All is better, time has passed and the healing is almost done.

That was not okay and it felt like a huge plot hole. A huge one.

After that, the story completely changes and takes on a lighter note. Parties and tattoos and nipple piercing and hot steamy sex.

Every now and then though, the plot would thicken again and Izzy would get a prank cruel gift from her ex and every now and then she would have a bad memory but then she would be a raging bitch and snap at everyone just because. Even though the story at that point is pass the healing process.

Anyway, that one thing that saved it was, of course, Axel.

He was just as hot as I was expecting and a little over possessive for him to be in a relationship with a former abuse victim.

But again, if the erotic aspect of the book is what this book is all about then yeah, it was steamy.





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