12 Rounds by Lauren Hammond


5 need-more-of-this-now stars!

This book should come with a warning!

This will literally melt your panties, so simple. Oh and no do read it on the subway, that is a big mistake!

“Beautiful is seeing a woman smile and  the simple sight of it  nearly takes your breath away.”

Before I proceed to the good part, I have to say how amazing it is to read a no bullshit book. To the point, without unnecessary drama or prolonging the end just because you want a certain amount of pages. Just no. It is straight and to the point, a quick delightful read, just amazing!

Now the good part.

Hot tattooed guy – a boxer! – rescues a girl from an attack and that’s where the story begins. I know I know, it all sound too familiar but trust me, it is NOT.

Sean Right-Hook Reilly was thrown to this crime filled life pretty early and cannot get out of it – basically because of his sister but seriously who can actually ‘quit’ the mafia?

Enter Hadlee Flax, the girl that he saved, only to see her a year later at the training center where she is taking self-defense classes.

From that point the story has only one goal, apart from melting panties off, to get to the point. The point being Sean and Hadlee’s hook-up, which happens pretty early too.

The book is pretty tiny, to me anyway, but that is also the appeal; Sean and Hadlee are freaking cute beyond words as she tries to enter his world and he tries to shield her away from… well pretty much all things mafia related.

“That’s what you don’t get, Hadlee. You’re saving me too. Every second I spend with you, you save me a little more. When I’m around you, I want to better myself. I want to be a better man.”

Normally I would be over the moon, and I was especially when I saw the second book.

But the thing is that, the so-called sequel is barely 50 pages long and pretty much nothing considered to the first book’s cliffy. I really hope that the third installment will be at least double the size of the second one.

A girl can only hope, waiting for the release date and details!





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