My Unexpected Forever by Heidi McLaughlin


5 unexpected stars!

This one can easily be considered as a stand-alone book, especially after My Everything (Beaumont 1.5) which is Nick’s story and almost a tiny sequel for the first book. Anyway.

I gotta be honest, the first book of the Beaumont series is not my favorite, by far, but it had a little something that I kind of liked – hot tattooed guy reunited with his son? Yeah I’m a sucker for that.

But this one? This is the winning story!

Everything in me is saying give up; that I don’t need her, but I do.

I need her like I need to breathe.

At first, I thought that it was a continuation of the Liam/Josie story – which I kind of hoped for because the first book left things a little bit on air and then Nick’s story was kind of a time jump.

But no.

This one was about Harrison and Katelyn!

Cuteness overload, let me tell you!

Katelyn is trying to cope with her husband’s sudden death and manage life with two little girls around. There are some flashback of her life with Mason and how she’s dealing with her newfound feelings for Harrison.


If you loved Liam, you will probably adore Harrison. He’s just that good. THAT FREAKING GOOD.

Already having a son of his own, he is crushing hard and fast and free falling for Katelyn and her two little girls. But because of Mason’s sudden death, he is walking on eggshells around her all the time, trying to show her, little by little, that he is into her.

Understandably, Katelyn is a lot more hesitant and of course it’s hard for her to just move on to the next guy, not only because Mason’s death is still fresh but also because she was totally in love with her husband.

That was probably what I loved most about this story, the fact that they took it slow and built a relationship little by little while on tour with their kinds, nonetheless.

Everything about this book is freaking cute. The relationship between Harrison and his son Quinn and later the bond between them and Katelyn’s twin.  That C U T E ending, everything!

Just adorable, seeing how things could so easily fall into place almost effortlessly and beautifully.





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