Hopeless by Colleen Hoover


This review contains spoilers.

2 torn stars.

Up to 70% of the book I was seriously bored out of my mind and skipping pages. But when I reached the point were the story unfolded I was shocked and… speechless.

It would have been an amazing story if my mind was not NUMB up to that point from the awful plot and the freaking ramblings.

I’m honestly torn.

1/4 of the book filled with so much heartache and drama and… stuff… just don’t make up for the whole awful 3/4 of it.

This was me up to 3/4 of the book…

First of all it made me really freaking uncomfortable reading about a teenage girl and how she likes make out sections – with several different guys probably every week but she is NOT a slut like everybody else thinks, no she is a saint – because they make her feel numb.


Second of all, and I say that to everyone that think it is cute – IT IS  N O T – if a guy chases you out of the supermarket and is desperately asking for your name, you do not pull out your ID card, yes the very same one that has your full name and your address, to show it to him. JUST NO!

It gets better…

The same guy that now knows your full name and your address is now stalking you on facebook but little does he know that your mom hates technology and you don’t have internet or a phone or ever TV – basically you are completely cut off from civilization.


Now, apart from that, the same guy that stalks you is volunteering to go jogging with you every single day but it’s all right, HE’S CUTE!

And if that is not enough – did I mention that he went to juvi? No? My bad! – your friend is warning you to stay away from him for the very same reason but he’s really cute and he’s the only one that makes you feel something because the entire male population of your town has not managed to do that, yet.


Now the good stuff, after your mom leaves town and you go crazy on sugar like a 5 year old because she forbids that too, the same stalking hot guy comes over and tries to kiss you – well not really – and then won’t leave your bedroom. The very same bedroom that you have a secret phone and a stash of sugar. Oh and a very familiar window – Twilight – were boys climb in and out from like it’s nothing.

Since you have declared yourselves boyfriend and girlfriend, he pulls some very cheesy-straight-out-of-a-freaking-movie moves and you swoon. But then he goes all crazy because you are wearing a bracelet and he is possessive but again very cute.


Despite the fact that you are in a relationship – IT’S SERIOUS OKAY – he won’t talk to you for a month but you are fine with him showing up out of the blue, climbing in your window and sleeping. TOTALLY FINE.

And this is were the fun begins, after I was ready to throw my phone at the damn wall and get some bleach, the fun – NOT – part begins.

This story should come with a warning. A serious one.

I did not want to read that without at least knowing what the fuck I was getting myself into. NO.

I have read a lot of abuse stories but I knew what was going on. I’m not saying that the author should spoil the end but this was awful and I truly feel so uncomfortable with being throwing into this without a warning.

A cheesy as fuck story turns into a freaking nightmare in mere seconds.

Just no.








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