Wethering the Storm by Samantha Towle


3 stars.

One for Jake because he deserves it. One for the baby because freaking aww. One for me for surviving. So…. it really pains me to do this but…. really?! REALLY?!


This was so freaking predictable it was borderline boring! We all loved Jake and Tru from The Mighty Storm and this story was on my list for months and I couldn’t wait for it. The first chapter felt like reading Fifty Shades of Grey – it felt like FSoG had thrown up all over this book. But as much as I was looking forward to it – I almost freaking cried last night! – it was so disappointing, so so so disappointing and it pains me but no, just NO!

The story was pretty much predictable from the first chapter as to what the two of them were thinking over the ‘baby’ issue. After that it when downhill, there was no suspense, a whole lot of unnecessary drama and a whole ‘plot twist’ that complete turned this amazing unconventional story into the growing pile of boring books.

Yes, I’m mad, I have been waiting for this for months and this is NOT what I was expecting.




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